Marvel Comics Kotobukiya 1/6 Maximum Carnage Fine Art statue


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Kotobukiya has produced some incredible Spider-Man related statues featuring the web slinger and his enemies like Venom, but nothing has prepared you for MAXIMUM CARNAGE!  The serial killer Cletus Kasady first appeared in 1991’s The Amazing Spider-Man #344 when he was seen incarcerated alongside Eddie Brock (then separated from the Venom symbiote).  Upon the creature’s return and Eddie’s escape, the alien produced and abandoned an offspring of its own which bonded with Cletus to become the entity known as Carnage.  The darkest reflection of the anti-hero Venom, Kasady’s symbiote took center stage in the highly popular 1993 Spider-Man event “Maximum Carnage” that gives its name to this amazing new Fine Art Statue.

As ever intent on mayhem and bloodshed, the ruthless symbiote prowls across a broken cityscape in search of its next victim.  Carnage is creepy and scary at the same time, appearing as a heavily muscled blood red humanoid covered in black webbing and brandishing wicked claws, tendrils sprouting from its back and leg, and a monstrous face.  Kasady creeps along, crouching low as he scuttles across debris while his three barbed prehensile stalks wave in the air.  The intricately detailed musculature and webbing are sculpted to perfection as you’ll only find on a Kotobukiya Fine Art Statue, not to mention the creature’s perfectly rendered enormous eyes and gaping maw.  You can even customize your Carnage display with interchangeable parts to have his right arm end in a clawed hand or a spiked weapon!

Sculpted by Erick Sosa (renowned for his work on the Spider-Man Unleashed and Venom Unbound Fine Art Statues), the 1/6 scale Maximum Carnage is just over 9 inches tall in his crouching pose.  With his eye-catching color scheme and terrifying appearance Carnage looks great on his own and even better alongside other Marvel Comics Fine Art Statues from Kotobukiya!

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