Transformers – Masterpiece Soundblaster MP13b


Utilizing the original Soundwave mold, Soundblaster is a black repaint version with a deepened cassette portal which enables him to carry two of his warriors at once. Soundblaster is the result of Soundwave’s final showdown with Blaster, the result of which left both destroyed. Soundwave’s body is blown apart, but the remains are salvaged by his cassette warriors and then Scorponok reconfigures the remains into Soundblaster.

Prior to the journey to Earth, Ratbat possessed a larger bipedal mode and commanded his own faction of Decepticons. An energy-leeching member of Soundwave’s entourage of Cassette Warriors, Ratbat has no friends but rather equally opportunistic business partners. His mecha-fangs enable him to refuel by siphoning the gas lines of newly-made cars. Ratbat flies at a maximum speed of 65 mph and is outfitted with two radar-guided, free-electron lasers sensitive enough to detect the presence of a fly.

Ratbat with case
Red Energon cube with lid
Purple display panel
Concussion Blaster
Translucent red Megatron gun (pistol, scope, silencer, stock)